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About Us

Verb Wheels Ireland was founded in 2014 by Joanne Kinahan Wall in Croissy sur Seine France and in 2016 moved to Ireland. Mother of two bilingual children, born in Ireland and raised in France for 5 years and on returning to Ireland realised there was a niche for fun learning resources for language learners. These Verb wheels are found to be suitable and dyslexia-friendly also as they break down the barrier of book reading and being fun and provide an interactive way to learning a new language. She has a sister company called Lingowl Language Bookshop which caters for bilingual books and other fun language resources also, this can be found at www.lingowl.com.

She hopes to get around so that people can purchase them easily at markets and fairs, and also offers free shipping worldwide for these verb and vocabulary wheels.

Joanne's contact details are:

Joanne Kinahan Wall: 43 Parkmore Drive, Terenure, Dublin 6W

jokinahan@gmail.com | +353 87 6941068